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oh HAI, I forgot I had an LJ

I have no idea what do with this account. Since I made it for drabbling, which I don't do well/ever, I'll post some reviews of Japanese and Korean dramas.  THEY WILL BE: 

(B) Objective and not opinionated at all.
(D) Full of fangirlish squealing that will make you throw up a little bit.
(E) A and B only.
(F) D only.


Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2
Ratings: [Enjoyability = 3/5] + ["Feel good factor" = 4/5] + [Delivery =4/5] = OVERALL: 3.66/5

Summary (DramaWiki): Makino Tsukushi is the only poor student at Eitoku Gakuen, the school of the ridiculously rich and privileged that is ruled by Flower 4 or F4, a group of four boys who come from extremely powerful families: Domyoji Tsukasa, the leader and heir of the Domyoji World Finance Group; Hanazawa Rui, the introverted son of a large company; Nishikado Sojiro, a player who is the heir of a tea ceremony school; and Mimasaka Akira, a madam killer with ties to the underground. If a student gets on the F4’s bad side, he/she gets a red notice and is bullied and driven out of school.  Makino hopes to pass her days quietly-- without drawing any attention to herself-- but one day, she stands up to Domyoji in defense of her friend. The next day, Makino gets the dreaded red notice. Even though she is harassed, Makino decides to keep going to school because she is a "tough weed". She declares war right back on the F4. Her resolve gets the attention of her crush Hanazawa Rui and oddly enough, rouses romantic feelings in her worst enemy, Domyoji Tsukasa.  The series is based on the Japanese shoujo manga "Hana Yori Dango" (Boys Before Flowers) by Kamio Yoko.

What I thought:
 This was the first J-drama I picked up, only because it seemed popular and I thought there had to be a reason.  It kept me watching, albeit half-heartedly.  The main character, Makino, is headstrong and stubborn and very relatable in some ways; in others she's just pure annoying, and the F4--her torturers-turned-best friends--are so outlandish in their own ways that it can either be endearing or irritating.  HYD1 deals with the introduction of these characters and their relationships; I liked it better than the second one, which was so hopelessly ridiculous that I couldn't take it seriously.  It's a good drama if you're looking to kill time with something so silly that you won't become too invested in it; it lacks substance but the characters can be lovable at times, the acting is decent and has just enough "anime" flavor to keep you from getting too distressed when all sorts of horrible things happen to Makino.  I would only recommend it because it seems to be the standard by which all J-dramas are judged, but in my opinion, this drama is very over-hyped.  Mostly it got on my nerves because Makino is a pushover who just gets lucky a lot of the time.